Frequently Asked Questions

What is KOLIFit

KOLIfit is the abbreviation for “Know it, Live it," and is an adventure fitness club promoting healthy lifestyle through outdoor activity.

KOLIfit provides fitness services to prepare individuals for outdoor activities. KOLIfit believes that a healthy lifestyle falls in the wake of outdoor adventure. Most components of a healthy lifestyle benefit from exploration in the outdoors. Outdoor adventure provides an exhilaration, a divine connection, a euphoric high, a sense of accomplishment, a boost in confidence, and is a test of mental and physical stamina. As we experience these we forget about health as a program and start living an experience that makes us healthy.

The founders of KOLIfit have worked for many years helping individuals improve their health in the gym, but have always maintained that the foundation of fitness lies in applying what you do indoors to enjoying outdoor activities. So each month KOLIfit organizes a variety of outdoor workouts ranging from hiking, SUP, biking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and much more to provide opportunities to be more physically active. Workouts are free to the public and anyone can attend. To assist individuals in preparing for an the outdoor workouts you can become a member of KOLIfit and have access to, group fitness services, private training services, and a variety of fitness programs.

We are not guides. A KOLIfit workouts are a community of people gathering together to enjoy an outdoor adventure. Each person is responsible for their own safety and must assume their own risk. KOLIfit will do its best to give accurate descriptions of the activities and will offer support to help member to be prepared and have a safe experience on their adventure.

KOLIfit's founders have over 40 years of experience in the outdoors and over 30 years of health improvement services. We have observed and experienced that every human is born with an instinctive trait to explore. This is why we provide the KOLIfit services, to provide opportunities for people to explore which then becomes the pathway for sustainable healthy lifestyles.

What Drives Outdoor Activity: