What is KOLIFit


KOLIFit is a fitness club that uses outdoor adventure to inspire its members to live a healthier lifestyle. We specialize in providing training programs, for the beginner and the elite, to physically prepare them for outdoor events organized by KOLIFit and/or other organizations.

KOLIFit’s app allows its members to easily access their training programs to perform their workouts in a setting of their preference or in group training sessions provided by KOLIFit instructors. The app is also used to track training/nutrition progress, informs members of club events and incentivized challenges, and healthy lifestyle education.

KOLIFit Discourse

What drives us to climb to the top of mountains, paddle down rivers, bike on empty roads, run marathons, or participate in the limitless challenges provided by Mother Earth? It's like something deep within our soul beckons us to accept the challenge. Whatever activity you are drawn towards requires a level of physical and mental preparation. This is where KOLIFit comes in. KOLIFit’s founders have over 20 years of experience of coaching and outdoor adventure. They have always maintained that the foundation of fitness lies in applying what you do indoors to enjoying outdoor activities, and using adventure as the passionate motive to create action.

KOLIFit is the abbreviation for “Know it, Live it." We believe that outdoor adventure provides an exhilaration, a divine connection, a euphoric high, a sense of accomplishment, and a boost in confidence. As we experience these we forget about health as a program and start living a lifestyle. Most of us KNOW the principles of a healthy living but need an environment that inspires us to LIVE healthy lifestyle. KOLIFit’s club environment provides the opportunity to LIVE a healthy lifestyle through its events, tools, and services.


Every month KOLIFit organizes adventure activities ranging from hiking, trail running, biking, SUP, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, canyoneering, and even full moon adventures. KOLIFit members will have access to training programs to prepare them for these events.... or they can create their own outdoor adventures and use a KOLIFit personalized training programs to prepare them for their activity.

KOLIFit adventure activities are not guided events, they are free to the community. Each person is responsible for their own safety and must assume their own risk. KOLIFit will do its best to give accurate descriptions of the activities, and will offer support to help members be prepared for a safe adventure experience.

Memberships start at $25 per month

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KOLIFit for Corporations

KOLIFit is designed to act as a health and wellness program or complement existing programs. KOLIFit offers weekly indoor and outdoor group fitness services and uses the KOLIFit app to train individuals to participate in existing KOLIFit outdoor adventure events or private corporate events.

Corporate Memberships start at $250

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(385) 743-1565


5445 South 900 East
Murray, Utah


Aaron Ogden


I was born and reared in the Rocky Mountains of Salt Lake City. Since my youth I have been active in the outdoors and involved in competitive sports. I currently enjoy back-country skiing, mountain biking, canyoneering, kayaking, back packing, and adventure racing. I have a great passion for fitness and health. In my family, the running joke is how long will it be before the dinner conversation turns to health and fitness.


  • Fitness Trainer since 1998
  • BS at the University of Utah in Exercise Physiology
  • ACSM Certified
  • WFR Certified

Scott Browning


Scott Browning’s passion for health. sport, and fitness has made him a proven leader in the professional fitness and coaching industry. Certified as an exercise physiologist with a BS in exercise and sport science, Scott combines a unique set of skills built both on education and experience. An avid explorer and an insatiable curiosity has lead Scott to travel to Europe, Mexico, Asia, and Northern Africa giving him a unique perspective and approach to health and wellness.

Working as a professional fitness trainer based out of Salt Lake City, Scott quickly established himself as one of the premier trainers in the region. As a trainer and coach, Scott’s clients have included professional and collegiate athletes, CEO’s of major corporations, first time exercisers, and those returning to sport and life activities from injury and illness.

Raised in Glenwood Springs Colorado, Scott began his athletic career competing in swimming at the young age of 5. Growing up in the mountains Scott also became an avid alpine skier and even dabbled in back country skiing. Scott increased his athletic resume to include road cycling competing as a junior and young adult in USA cycling events. Although an avid competitor in swimming and cycling, Scott found his passion in the sport of long distance running. Racing in every distance from the 5000 to the marathon, Scott established himself as a local elite going on to win many local and regional events, and placed in the top ten at several national events. As a compliment to running, Scott also competed in snowshoe racing for Tubbs Snowshoe Company. Scott incorporates his extensive athletic background into his training style to inspire people to achieve more than they believe possible in themselves.


Justin English


Born and raised in Salt Lake City. I have a passion for web and software development. I currently enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding and hiking.