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You know Aaron Ogden and Scott Browning as training and fitness experts, and some of you even know them as athletes in various sports!

Scott and Aaron created KOLIfit to provide opportunities to take what you know about health and fitness and apply it by living an active outdoor lifestyle. - Know It - Live It (KOLIfit). For many years Scott and Aaron have been promoting active and healthy living through the gym, but always maintained that the foundation of fitness lies in applying what you do indoors to enjoying outdoor activities.

Both Aaron and Scott have thrived in outdoor sport and recreational activities from running, cycling, swimming, climbing, kayaking, adventure racing, and a variety of other playful outdoor activities. Let us take your fitness and apply it in unique, challenging and playful settings. Each month KOLIfit will plan and announce unique outdoor fitness activities for its members to participate in.

Aaron Ogden

Scott Browning

Justin English

KOLIFit - Know It Live It
Adventures in applied fitness
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