Know It Live it Love It!

Fitness without Boundaries 

What is KOLIfit

KOLIfit founders Scott and Aaron believe fitness provides and access to outdoor adventure and heath.

Fitness with a Purpose

 KOLIFit is a fitness club that uses outdoor adventure to inspire its members to live a healthier lifestyle. We specialize in providing training programs, for the beginner and the elite, to physically prepare them for outdoor events organized by KOLIFit and/or other organizations. 

KOLIFit’s app allows its members to easily access their training programs to perform their workouts in a setting of their preference or in group training sessions provided by KOLIFit instructors. The app is also used to track training/nutrition progress, informs members of club events and incentivized challenges, and healthy lifestyle education. 

Learn More About KOLIfit

Watch the video and learn more about how KOLIfit works and how we can help enhance you health, fitness, and enjoyment of the great outdoors.